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Welcome to Hyperspace

The browser-native blockchain.

Hyperspace is the fastest decentralized end-to-end blockchain designed for the next-generation of web3

Sharded Consensus


Web ZkVM


Enshrined Wallet


Sharded State


scaling up to

1 million actions per second

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Hyperspace Blockchain

A revolutionary new fully end-to-end browser-based blockchain ecosystem which removes dozens of friction points for validators, users and developers. Designed for real life.


Fully integrated browser-based smart wallet with no download requirement


PoS secured parallel validation across millions of browser-based validators


Enables 0 gas fees computation to happen in your own browser


Distributed state mechanism enabling wider participation by regular people


Supercharges your browser natively using ZK, WebAssembly and P2P networking

Web-Native Zero Knowledge

Blazing fast runtime which generates ZK proofs in the browser

Offchain Computation

Fastest blockchain user experience using pre-validation in the browser

Gas Fees

Why pay someone else for fees when you can use your own computer ?

Multiplayer Web3

With speed in the 10ms to 50ms range, Nanochain is as fast as a Google search

Massively Distributed

Insanely fast distribution of transactions across the network for parallel validation

Millions Of Transactions

Experience the true power of web3 with the most scalable blockchain ever

Parallel Validation

Multi-lane highway of block production designed for all of humanity


Securely distributes blockchain data across the browser-based network

Write Less Code

Hyperspace provides a toolchain and integrated services with unmatched developer experience

TypeScript First

Use a programming language understood by millions of developers

const hs = window.hyperspace;
const res = await hs.sendTokens([
    asset: "HYPR",
    amount: 8.50,

Enshrined Oracle

Low-level primitives that simplify working with off-chain data

Confirm-free transactions

Unlock new design space perfect for multiplayer

Home Stakers

Hyperspace enables regular human beings to be full network participants


Think “Airbnb for your browser tabs”. Earn rewards while surfing the web.

Many ways to earn

Choose to provide storage, compute and other decentralized services


Re-staking mechanism baked into the protocol for maximum efficiency

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